How Little Death came about

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In May, I was in Switzerland for a film festival that my iPhone film "How I Became a Movie Theatre Murderer" was competing in. Out of over 480 submissions, the audience awarded it 2nd place! This was enough to make the trip worthwhile. However at the after party I started talking with 2 video games designers who loved it, so we exchanged business cards and I thought that was that.

3 days later, when I was back in Toronto, I received a direct message on Twitter. "Are you still interested in making a VR project if we give you the equipment?"

The equipment was a GoPro Omni.

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Essentially it's 6 GoPro Hero's all housed in one cage and it's state of the art so the images recorded by it are seamless (you can't tell where one camera ends and the other begins).

Since then I haven't looked back. I had an idea that I thought could really benefit from this medium and I started writing it immediately. The inspiration came from my belief as a child that even when I was alone I had to be interesting. This was because I thought dead people watched over the lives of the living similarly to the way we watch TV. And the question came up "what would happen if after watching they had a chance to come back?".

We've got a terrific cast attached who are all members of the acting union ACTRA. They are volunteering their time in exchange for an equal percent of ownership. Everyone involved has the same stake in the project.

But even though we're getting the camera for free and our actors are not paid, making a series is still VERY expensive. (Further down there is a pie chart of where all the money is going). Every little bit counts and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping Little Death come to life!

-Aris Tyros




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